Bill Cohen, foG (friend of God)

After graduating from UCLA in 1970, with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, Bill found a life-long career in the insurance business with State Farm Insurance Companies.  But, he never lost his love of learning and that led him to read, study, write and teach about the wonders of this world and our place in it.

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The transformation from existentialist to Christian was a long road, it began with the great philosophers and his first book, The Perfect Moment.  After reading this book, William Morrow and Company hired Bill to write a non-fiction book, Life Mapping, as a how to guide for the Life Mapping process described in The Perfect Moment.  This process takes people on a journey of discovery which begins with a conscious understanding of their true beliefs and culminates with an action plan for their lives.

Then, CS Lewis' book Mere Christianity led him to explore the Bible.  Finding that the truth in the Bible fully verified the Life Mapping process, Bill decided to study the Bible to determine what other truths lie within.  This journey led to his next book, The Story of Good and Evil, since he was unable to find a published book which fully described the subject, other than the Bible.

A rewrite for the Life Mapping book seemed to be the next logical choice and so the book was published, Life Mapping With Jesus.  This book properly recognizes that the Bible is the source of our path to happiness in this life.  Bill took a year off of writing to teach juniors in high school the Life Mapping process.  This provided a great opportunity to see how the Life Mapping process helps young people organize their thoughts into a life plan.

Next came a non-profit to help people under the poverty line create their own Life Map, which led them to escape poverty and to establish themselves on the path toward happiness and prosperity.

While working in management with State Farm Insurance, Bill was able to take a team of agents, ranked at the bottom of State Farm agents' lists, and lead them to become one of the top teams in all of State Farm.  Bill taught agents to believe in themselves, to live balanced lives and to live in accordance with their God given beliefs and principles.  Freedom and love were the guiding principles used in his leadership.  Bill is in His 42nd year with State Farm.

The years of working on complicated computer programs and tenderly caring about the needs of others have combined into a profound desire to express God's words in a way that draws others to His love.