Reasoning With God, now available on Amazon.  Come reason with God!  Click on Book Cover to order.

Life Mapping With Jesus, a Biblical approach to helping people create the abundant joyful life God created for them.  Click on Book Cover to order.

The Story of Good and Evil, condensed version of the Biblical story.

Life Mapping, helping people create abundant joyful lives.  SFGATE article on Life Mapping and Amazon Reviews.  Click on Book Cover to order.

Books provide us with an opportunity to open our minds to new ideas.  Once opened, the mind begins to expand and the need for more ideas increases.  

Books allow our minds to wrestle with these new ideas, discarding those that do not fit with our accepted concept of life and truth, while others are disruptive and forever change our view of life and truth.

The Bible is the world's most published book and the preeminent source of ideas on life and truth. The ideas within are from God and are endless in nature, the more we study them, the more we find in them.

Each book I write is the result of this ever expanding source of information, which includes an ever more defined personal mission.