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"God's Only Law" Book Clubs

We are forming Book Clubs with two purposes in mind. First, we will discuss topics in the book to learn how we might live our lives in alignment with God's calling for us to love everyone. Secondly, we will become a community dedicated to helping our neighbors. The clubs will not collect dues. Volunteers do everything. However, we will each reach into our existing contacts in the community to look for people who need help. When people with needs are identified, we will publish their needs to the rest of the club. If someone feels the calling to help the person in need, they will have the contact information and be able to send a check, deliver a meal, etc. We will not keep records. We will evolve into a first-century Christian community helping those in need.

Outdoor Book Club

It begins with our desire to join with others to discuss God's calling for us to love our neighbor. It continues when we work together to fill the needs of our larger community. Finally, everything is voluntary, which means we do things when we feel called.

If you want to experience a Book Club Meeting, send an email to:

Or, use the "Contact Us" link above.

Someone from the club will contact you with the information you will need to log into the next Book Club meeting. These meetings will be online.

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