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Two Cities

Updated: Sep 6

This story is about two cities, the City of God and the City of man. One is in heaven, and the other represents this world. This story describes some of the differences. It is a worthy exercise since the results paint a clear picture. A picture with eternal consequences.

How would you define these two cities? What do they look like? What do they feel like? How do the people treat each other? What is the entertainment like? What are the opportunities? What are the downsides?

What can you add to the following descriptions?

The City of God will be beautiful1, clean, and well-kept. Everyone will be responsible for keeping it that way by fixing anything that diminishes that beauty.

Everyone in the City will feel safe and loved2. There will be no need for police, judges, or courts3. There will be no reason to adopt a false persona; everyone will feel free to be authentic4. Life will be abundant5; everyone's needs will be fully met6 because everyone will work to ensure they are. There will be a feeling of joy7 and anticipation as our gifts and abilities will continue to develop for eternity8. Future Beethovens will continue improving without the constrictions of criticism9, illness, money, or time.

Everyone will know God created10 everything, and they will be grateful for His creation. They will all live in a way11 that pleases God because everyone will love each other. Everyone will gratefully serve others. There will be no complaining in this city; everyone will look for the good in everything12 and for ways to improve everything by stepping in and serving13.

Entertainment enlivens the senses and allows people to use God's gifts14 to produce awe and wonder for others to enjoy. This city will build people up15 because the citizens will show love, respect, and support for each other. It will promote the beauty which is within each of us. This city will allow our uniqueness16 to be displayed in a way that brings joy and happiness without envy, jealousy, or hatred.

The opportunities will be unlimited, as we have been made in the image of God17. Each person will add to the joy of the city and its citizens.

There is no downside for those who have chosen to live in this city.

The city of man is not clean and well-kept because too many citizens do nothing to maintain or improve it. Instead of fixing things, people add to the disorder.

People do not feel safe. Many have security systems and feel the need to defend themselves. The effects of drugs, unemployment, and homelessness create chaos and confusion. The illicit businesses of drugs, human trafficking, and illegal arms are prolific. The people responsible for protecting the citizens are corrupt, and the police are attacked and criticized. Most people do not feel loved. Depression reigns, and suicides are a devastating reality.

Too many people feel entitled and are not grateful for anything. They expect others to serve them. However, they are not interested in serving others. This is a city of complainers, and finding something to complain about is easy. Those striving to improve their lives continually compete for everything, leading to selfishness and hoarding to the detriment of those less fortunate. Most people do not feel they live an abundant life.

Entertainment includes pornography and disrespect for groups of people. Hatred and discrimination pollute the very part of society that proposes to make life more enjoyable.

There is a prevailing feeling of fear and suspicion. Divisions are encouraged, pitting one group of people against another.

Opportunities are limited by selfishness, greed, pride, and the uneven distribution of power. Most people feel their dreams are not possible.

The downsides are plentiful and too numerous to list.

Which city do you want to live in? If you don't think the City of God is possible, maybe, it is time to read the Bible with an open mind and critical thinking. Don't worry about the Bible holding its own; if God really wrote it, the truth will finally shine through the lies of the City of man.

God has placed us in unique places throughout this world. This blog is about sharing His Word; please share it with those you believe would be blessed by hearing it. Bless you! If you want to receive the weekly blog, email us at If you want to read past blogs, go to:

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